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The Treasure of Tolerance

The practices of tolerance and compassion are not just for Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama; they are essential for anyone who wants to live a happy life.


Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche helps us see that our mind’s self-centered habitual patterns are the source of our suffering. Realizing this, we begin to appreciate that others suffer in the same way. This sympathy with others is the seed of compassion, but developing true compassion requires the practice of tolerance as well.


How do we apply tolerance to develop our compassion? The practice of tolerance refers literally to our ability to tolerate or observe the raw emotions that arise in us during challenges and to not react to them. We also learn to tolerate the reactions that arise in others. As we practice tolerance we gain an important insight: by going beyond reactions we find freedom from our self-centeredness. This insight emboldens us in our compassion and kindness towards others and the conviction that altruism is the basis for our own awakening.

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Tsewa: Training in Tenderness

Tsewa, or “warm heart,” blossoms as kindness, compassion, generosity, and tolerance—essential qualities that connect us to one another and benefit all, says Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. Extending themes of Rinpoche’s book, The Intelligent Heart:A Guide to the Compassionate Life, these three teachings provide the essential view and practical tips to cultivate an openness of heart that transforms lives.

Talk 1 was sponsored by the Boulder Bookstore and held at 1st Congregational Church, Boulder, Colorado, in celebration of the publication of Kongtrul Rinpoche’s book, The Intelligent Heart. This talk introduces the concept of tsewa. Joseph Waxman, who edited the book, reads briefly from the text following the main talk. 29:45 minutes


Talk 2 was given at Lerab Ling in Roqueredonde, France, during a weekend teaching on The Intelligent Heart. In it, Kongtrul Rinpoche further illuminates how tsewa breaks the cycle of suffering and promotes connection, healing, and well-being. 1:08:56 minutes


Talk 3 is a guided meditation on tsewa and was recorded privately in Bodh Gaya, India. 27:00 minutes

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Songs of Dharma

Songs of Dharma collects essential Nyingthik lineage songs of aspiration and prayers sung by Kongtrul Rinpoche. The CD includes the Seven-Line Prayer, Melody of Thotreng Tsal, Vajra Guru Mantra, and others, with a cover featuring Kongtrul Rinpoche’s original artwork.



1. The Seven Line Prayer (22:59)


2. Melody of Tötreng Tsal (8:10)


3. Vajra Guru Mantra (8:21)


4. Supplication to Remove Obstacles (0:39)


5. Supplication to be Reborn in the Copper-Colored Mountain (1:53)


6. Supplication to Guru Rinpoche (1:44)


7. Prayer to Avalokiteshvara/Dedication of Merit (5:55)


8. Aspiration to Stay as a Solitary Practitioner (1:21)


9. Song of Sengé Wangchuk (1:53)